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Within the club we have quite a collection of air-cooled VW's. Some people even have small collections of their own, while others feel that it is enough work keeping one on the road. There are also some club members that don't have any VW's, they're just here for the fun.

However the main driving force behind Wacky Racers is the passion for all things VW. Click on the pictures to find out more about each car and its owner.

Chewie '52 Samba

Paul C '53 "Zwitter"

Scott '54 Oval

Austin '56 Oval

Dereck '57 Oval

Andy '61 1200

Graham '63 1200

Paul C '66 Devonette

Jay '67 Fastback

Ant '67 Street/Strip

Rich '67 Westfalia

Chewie '67 Kemperink

Nick '69 Cab

Sid '70 1500

Mark '71 1302

Colin & Ghis '71 Ghia

Mick '72 Super Street

Claggit '72 Cab

Matt '72 Squareback

Paul C'74 1200

Helen '75 1300












And it's not just VW's that get us excited. A few members are avid Porsche owners, how about some lovely 356's, 911's or even a 912. Basically, if it's got an engine attached to it, you'll find someone interested in it within the club.

As for non engined activities we usually have at least one annual snow boarding trip, surf trips down to to the South West, attend many BMX events, plus all the normal sociable happenings.

We do try to visit as many other clubs as we can, but there are only so many nights in a month. It's often easier to meet up at one of the many VW shows.

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